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Salted Hash: Want to know what frightens admins?

On this week's episode, CSO's Salted Hash security writer Steve Ragan talks with CSO's Michael Nadeau to talk about things that keep IT administrators awake at night. Hint: Ransomware is not the only thing.

The items in the episode were pitched to CSO by AppRiver.  The data in the list was sourced from working security...

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Tech News World: Risky Scripts Pose Threat to Web Surfers, Researchers Say

A new study from researchers at Princeton's Center for Information Technology Policy has found that observing keystrokes, mouse movements and scrolling behavior of visitors on Web pages could be loaded with risk.

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Holiday Shopping Online? Here Is What To Watch For

Tis the season ... and hackers are not taking a break. Already we are starting to see emails targeting online shoppers.

Taking advantage of all those online sales also means waiting for and tracking your packages to make sure they arrive safe and sound on your doorstep. And that is exactly what hackers are counting on. Be...

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In the know: Office 365 premium security offerings


Office 365 has become the new standard for business productivity software, but it might not offer everything your business needs to be secure.

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Want to know what scares IT pros?

AppRiver security analyst Troy Gill knows a thing or two when it comes to scary cyberattacks...

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Healthcare IT News Busts Common Cybersecurity Myths

With so much information at your fingertips on how to protect your organization's network from a cyber attack, it is often hard to decipher fact from fiction when it comes to cybersecurity.

That is where Jessica Davis with Healthcare IT News comes in.

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Watch for malicious scams in wake of Las Vegas shooting

All of us at AppRiver are grieving for the heinous act that took place Sunday night in Las Vegas. And while the tragedy will get its fair share of media attention in coming weeks, we want to sound a warning bell before people are taken advantage of.

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AppRiver honored at 2017 Industry Appreciation Luncheon

On Sept. 19, AppRiver was honored to receive not one, but two awards during the Santa Rosa Economic Development’s 2017 Industry Appreciation Luncheon.

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AppRiver boasts a four-time Microsoft MVP

Congratulations go out to AppRiver Senior SharePoint Escalation Lead David Petree, who was selected as a 2017 Microsoft MVP Award-winner.

It is no small feat to be named a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award winner. It is even more exceptional when you are named an MVP four years in a row. Not to mention being only...

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Windows 10 Source Code Leak: Hackers Get a Big Head Start

By Shawn Morrison

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