SpearPhishing and BEC are on track to set some very ominous records in 2018. These types of attacks already have cost businesses more than $3 billion and are currently estimated to be netting cybercriminals more than $500 million annually. With individual business losses from these attacks ranging from tens of thousands of dollars well into the millions, the devastating financial blow is one that many businesses simply can’t recover from.

Over the past 16 years, AppRiver has developed many layers of protection against phishing attacks – with our systems analyzing every attribute of every email to determine its validity. Along with that, AppRiver also has several technologies in place to protect our clients against phishing – including our proprietary, next-generation detection that combats spearphishing and business email compromise (BEC).

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As a former small business owner, I remember the struggle all too well – whatever I put into my marketing budget often came right out of my grocery budget. I wasn’t a managed service provider, but I did face the same challenges of trying to grow my business on a budget that was more of a thread than a shoestring.

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They say to be nominated for any award is an honor, but to be a five-time winner – among a field of subject matter experts – is truly extraordinary.

Just ask AppRiver Senior SharePoint Escalation Lead David Petree, who was selected as a 2018 Microsoft MVP Award winner – for the fifth time in as many years.

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