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Good Vs Evil: Telltale Signs To Determine If That Email Is Evil


Stop! We see you about to click the link in that email. Don’t do it until you read this.

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MSPs: Three Pillars Of Security To Remember In The Fight Against Ransomware  

Ransomware is an ongoing threat to businesses of all sizes in every industry. And ransomware “hackers” are moving to more professional operations that closely mimic technology businesses. In the first half of 2017 alone, a whopping 1.9 billion data records were either lost or stolen due to cyberattacks. Read More

CRN Names Two Appers To Women of The Channel List

Congratulations are in order for AppRiver employees Robyn Philips and Victoria Phillips.

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Email Encryption Vulnerabilities Come To Light

Think that encrypted email is safe from prying eyes? You may want to think again - especially if you've been using PGP or S/MIME to send your secure emails.

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Don't Let A Natural Disaster Become A Digital Disaster

Hurricane season doesn't officially kick off until June 1, but Mother Nature has decided to show us that she doesn't care about official start dates.

Latest forecasts from the National Weather Service show an area of disturbed weather off the Florida panhandle that could develop and potentially become a tropical or...

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How Microsoft Partners Look To Redefine The Way Microsoft Sells, Delivers Technology In Cloud World

Microsoft’s Partner Network (MPN) has been the primary delivery vehicle for Microsoft technology to small and mid-size businesses for decades, and partners continue to drive adoption of Office 365 and Azure services by hundreds of thousands of new business users every month.  It’s no secret to MPN members that new...

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Need Some Office 365 Training?

Need to learn more about Office 365?

You're in luck.

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Want To Know More About Microsoft 365?

Are you ready to learn more about Microsoft 365? Good, we are ready to help.

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AppRiver Is Ready To Help Nonprofits Upgrade Technology

New York, April 6, 2018 – No one knows the struggles of belt-tightening and working with stagnant budgets more than nonprofits. Often, they are faced with hard decisions about how to allocate their limited funds, and many times that means cutting money that could be used to upgrade technology – technology that could, in...

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ZDNet: City Of Atlanta To Pay $2.5M After Cyberattack

A cyberattack can be expensive – and we aren’t just talking about the ransoms cybercriminals are demanding to recover your system.

Just ask the City of Atlanta.

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