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Promoting a Zero-Bug Culture

Alright, stop laughing. This is not an article about some bug-free Nirvana. Software will always have bugs as long as humans are producing it. We’re also not talking about bugs found during the quality control process. This article is about the attitude your software development team has toward the unfortunate—hopefully...

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Development Quality Practices: First Look

[Acknowledgements: This post was originally created by Shawn Morrison, who danced onto another project and passed this along to me to edit and make my own.  Thanks, Shawn.]  

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Breaking Down Technical Debt

Legacy code is code without unit tests. Michael Feathers, Working Effectively with Legacy Code

I think that Michael Feathers' definition of legacy code (which is almost always synonymous with technical debt) is one of the most concise and useful definitions I have come across. Getting a handle on technical debt and...

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