Every smart device owner has most likely experienced one moment where they reached for their device and it wasn’t there. After a short, frantic search with no results, the dreaded thought enters the mind: “What if I lost it?” Because of the small size and portability of these devices, they are easily misplaced. Their size […]

There have been widespread reports that the latest update for Android (version 4.4 also known as Kit-Kat) is causing Exchange ActiveSync connectivity issues. The problems vary from not being able to authenticate to the server when setting up an Exchange account to synchronization stopping for ActiveSync accounts that are already on the device. A thread […]

As more people purchase BlackBerry 10 devices, we are seeing some synchronization issues that may impact AppRiver customers on this new platform. First, there is an issue involving the synchronization of notes (memos) when using any Exchange mailbox with ActiveSync. Account data will disappear and then reappear on the device at random. This is due […]

Apple has released a support article acknowledging there is an Exchange calendar issue with devices running iOS 6.1. If a change is made to a single occurrence in a reoccurring event, excessive logging may begin to occur. This will lead to shorter battery life and may also result in the Exchange administrator blocking the device. […]

The makers of Touchdown for Exchange for Android have recently released a version for iOS, as well as a beta for Windows 8 and Windows RT. Touchdown is a robust email client that can be used as an alternative to the default mail client to synchronize your AppRiver Exchange account data with your mobile device. In addition […]