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Sextortion vs Bombtortion Hoaxes

Sextortion vs Bombtortion

Yesterday, December 13th, bomb threat hoaxes via email sparked law enforcement agencies all over the world into chasing down non-existent devices. Many researchers and media outlets were quick in observing the similarity the bomb threats shared with sextortion campaigns. While the sextortion...

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New Sextortion Campaign - Caught you cheating!

Today's Sextortion Message - Caught Cheating

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Emailed Bomb Threats Demanding Bitcoin

This morning we noticed a disturbing email campaign attempting to scare recipients into making a large payment in exchange for human life.

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IRS scams starting early


It appears the scammers are pulling out their tax time tricks before we even ring in the new year.

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Holiday counterfeit campaigns ramping up

The shopping season is in full swing - and malicious actors are taking advantage of more than the sales. 

From Black Friday through Cyber Week, AppRiver blocked more than 270 million pieces of spam. In comparison, that is about 60 million more than a non-holiday week. A good portion of spam being blocked by AppRiver...

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SPISHING Attacks: Phishing Emails That Talk

A New Twist

As a company who protects 60,000+ businesses worldwide, AppRiver's Security Team has no shortage of phishing emails to continuously defend against. While analyzing samples for new techniques and tactics we ran across one that was a familiar phishing scam with a surprising, but amusing twist.

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Cyber Monday deals have shoppers, hackers flocking online

By the time you read this blog, you probably will have already snapped up the Black Friday deals you were looking for. So now is the perfect time to get your plan together for an even bigger shopping event – Cyber Monday.

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Holiday hackers gearing up for the season

Tis the season! As we approach the holiday season and begin our annual shopping for gifts, let’s remember that hackers are also shopping… but they are looking for your credentials, your data and/or access to your bank accounts.

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Spotify phishing campaign making rounds

Recently, AppRiver detected a phishing campaign that was targeting Spotify customers by email with the purpose of hijacking the owner’s account. The attacker attempted to dupe users into clicking on a phishing link that would redirect them to a deceptive website. Once at the site, users were prompted to enter their user...

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Cyberthieves taking advantage of USPS Informed Delivery

Have you signed up for the United States Postal Service's Informed Delivery feature?

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