On this week’s episode, CSO’s Salted Hash security writer Steve Ragan talks with CSO’s Michael Nadeau to talk about things that keep IT administrators awake at night. Hint: Ransomware is not the only thing.

The items in the episode were pitched to CSO by AppRiver.  The data in the list was sourced from working security professionals, executives and non-executives.

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Tis the season … and hackers are not taking a break. Already we are starting to see emails targeting online shoppers.

Taking advantage of all those online sales also means waiting for and tracking your packages to make sure they arrive safe and sound on your doorstep. And that is exactly what hackers are counting on. Be sure to heed caution when checking the mailing status of your orders as hackers are sending legitimate looking shipping emails in hopes of gaining access to your information.

Here are a couple quick steps you can check when looking at emails to determine if they are “ph”ishy or not:

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