Three interns, and their views on how invaluable an internship is to a college student’s future, how to handle the process of an internship, and their personal experiences in AppRiver’s internship program.

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Erica Roachford

AppRiver’s internship program is a blessing for young aspiring professionals like myself. As an intern, you are treated like a real employee by being completely submerged in the culture. My coworkers are always helpful and upbeat, and they encourage me to contribute and ask questions. As an intern, I am working hands-on with every application, which allows me to apply the things I have learned in the classroom to real business situations. A plus is that I can shadow other departments, which is helpful in deciding where I want to take my career in software development. Being a full-time student, paid or unpaid, I believe internships are invaluable. The experience you gain is priceless. Internships open career opportunities that would be harder to obtain without one.

If you are an extremely motivated college student who is looking to gain experience with companies through an internship but have no idea where to start, visit your career services counselor on your college campus first. Start attending lunch and learn talks that teach resume writing, proper interview techniques, and insight into what to expect while interning with a company. Start networking through Social Media outlets such as LinkedIn, and begin searching job posting sites like Glassdoor,, and These are all great ways to stay up-to-date on current postings.

Going into an interview, you should have the same mentality you would if you were going up for an actual job interview (because it is). You should dress for success in professional attire. Be prepared with questions for the interviewers and have your resume with you to reference. Be confident, but admit when you do not know an answer. Being nervous is part of the process, but always remember that the interviewer is human, too, and they have a big decision to make in selecting the perfect candidate. Also, rejection is a part of the process, so be prepared for bad news. A great practice is to ask the hiring manager why you were not chosen for the position. Learning from your mistakes will make you a better candidate in the future. Happy interning!

Lucas Griffin

I've worked for a few companies in my life, had a few different interviews, and learned a great deal from each one. But I can honestly say that AppRiver shattered all the expectations I had for a career, and in the best way. Their internship program is extremely valuable and, without it, I wouldn't know half of what I know now. It has given me great insight into what work is like for a developer and I would recommend everyone in college apply for this internship. In this post, I want to discuss some ways AppRiver stands out to me, and how the internship has helped me improve at software development.

The first thing I want to mention is the interview. I had a few interviews before this one and thought I could handle it, but then I found out that it was a panel interview. Panel interviews are terrifying (or at least they were in my imagination), but this was my first indication that AppRiver was different.

I felt the interview had the perfect balance of questions, ranging from coding, to questions about me as a person. This let me know that I wasn't just a programmer to the company and it's something that's really stuck with me ever since. It gave me valuable interview experience and I feel that any interview down the road will be much easier for me.

Another way this internship has helped me improve as a developer is by letting me see the way developers work in a professional setting. In some of my earlier classes, I had teachers who counted off if the code wasn't heavily commented and stated that lots of comments were important. When I started working at AppRiver, I saw that this wasn't the case.

Sure, comments are important when there is some tough code to read, but relying on comments to explain code is a bad habit, and usually leads to ugly code. Without this internship, I wouldn't know the importance of writing self-documenting code that helps improve programming ability and avoids bad names (function doesThing, var x = "stuff", etc.).

All in all, this internship has been a great experience for me. It has allowed me to improve without the fear of failure since, anytime I make a mistake, no one is mad. I’m extremely glad that I get to continue my career with a company that offers such a great internship program!

Phil Hawkins

Applying for internships is one of the most important things you can do while pursuing a degree in Computer Science. Internships offer invaluable, real-world experience in the industry, which could help you stand out from the crowd when applying for full-time positions. Just getting into interviews can be extremely helpful, as having software engineering interview experience will help you be more comfortable in the future and to be more confident in your skills.

Getting my internship at AppRiver has been one of the most valuable learning experiences in the world of software engineering. When I first began working here, I had no idea what I was in for with AppRiver. Learning programming at my university was a much different experience than programming in the real world. Coordinating with various development teams and meeting deadlines is something they never prepare you for. During the first few weeks I felt overwhelmed with how much information I needed to learn to be productive. Having a mentor has helped me be more comfortable in my programming abilities.


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