Part 2 of 3: New Mail Features in iOS 10 include Draft Folder Synchronization, HTML Signatures, and Updated Settings Menu   iOS 10 Introduces Draft Folder Synchronization in Mail app We have all begun typing an email and become sidetracked or refocused at some point in our professional or personal lives, leaving the email in […]

This past weekend, AppRiver was proud to honor true heroes during the 4th annual Cow Harbor Warrior Weekend in Northport, Long Island, New York. The three-day weekend of appreciation, recreation and celebration welcomed and honored twelve veterans and their family members and included a golf tournament, 4-mile warrior run, beach activities, clambake fundraiser and live […]

Over the past six months we have seen an increase in the number of emails with malicious Word (.doc) attachments. These messages utilize the available functionality in a file type that is very familiar to basically every computer user. By using this technique the attacker can increase the chances that one of these messages will be opened. An interesting variant of […]