By Shawn Morrison On Friday afternoon, The Register published an article reporting a leak of 32TB of Windows builds and source code. This is a significant breach and could cause security concerns for Windows 10 users in the coming months. All large software systems contain bugs – small mistakes made by the humans who programmed […]

Every smart device owner has most likely experienced one moment where they reached for their device and it wasn’t there. After a short, frantic search with no results, the dreaded thought enters the mind: “What if I lost it?” Because of the small size and portability of these devices, they are easily misplaced. Their size […]

Part 2 of 3: New Mail Features in iOS 10 include Draft Folder Synchronization, HTML Signatures, and Updated Settings Menu   iOS 10 Introduces Draft Folder Synchronization in Mail app We have all begun typing an email and become sidetracked or refocused at some point in our professional or personal lives, leaving the email in […]