Here are the security risks to watch. 1.Botnets for DDoS and ransomware distribution will become easier to hire  With Necurs and Mirai blasting malware and DDoS attacks to the corners of the earth, there has never been a more profitable time for malware authors and botnet creators. Established botnets with large numbers can be found for […]

Since 2010, AppRiver’s security research team has noticed a spike in spam and malware traffic the Tuesday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving–often in the tens of millions. The messages, such as the ones below, are almost always related to the holiday season, trying to trick consumers into opening their “enticing offers” on the latest Christmas deals […]

Are you guilty of spamming yourself? Opting-in for newsletters that you never read, but have too much hope to unsubscribe? Or maybe you “spam” yourself when you’re doing research for work, but have to enter your email address to access it. Do you wish you had a special folder where you could put those newsletters, […]