Headlines worldwide are now screaming the news of yet another widespread ransomware attack, this time targeting hospitals, health care systems, and other organizations in Europe, Asia and beyond. According to the reports, cybercriminals have once again crippled vital computer networks around the world. Much news attention will (and should) focus on who did it and […]

Before you open that next email from a well-known company – news site, bank, vendor – give yourself an extra second or two to examine it closely. Here at AppRiver, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in phishing attempts lately and you don’t want to be next on the hook. Spammers are disguising themselves as familiar […]

Here are the security risks to watch. 1.Botnets for DDoS and ransomware distribution will become easier to hire  With Necurs and Mirai blasting malware and DDoS attacks to the corners of the earth, there has never been a more profitable time for malware authors and botnet creators. Established botnets with large numbers can be found for […]