Are you guilty of spamming yourself? Opting-in for newsletters that you never read, but have too much hope to unsubscribe? Or maybe you “spam” yourself when you’re doing research for work, but have to enter your email address to access it. Do you wish you had a special folder where you could put those newsletters, […]

Financial phishing campaigns are still a very common attack vector for cyber criminals looking to exploit consumers and businesses alike. Every year, thousands of individuals fall prey to these types of attacks and the financial repercussions are devastating. This week’s Threat Thursday post takes a look at a spam campaign aimed at Citibank customers. The email blast was […]

This week’s Threat Thursday focuses on a social engineering campaign in an attempt to impersonate the United States Postal Service. Our security research team at AppRiver first spotted this phishing blast late last week. In the campaign, an email contains fraudulent information about a package delivery. The message states that there is an issue with the package and in order to […]

Who doesn’t recall at some point seeing a late night television infomercial pitching some sort of “miracle” product that you just have to have? How about a magical pill that had the power to melt away that unwanted pounds or give you all the energy you could possibly want? These types of snake oil products aren’t just doomed to be promoted […]

This week’s Threat Thursday focuses on a newly spotted social engineering campaign targeting American Express customers. The email blast seeks to trick users into providing highly sensitive information such as their social security number, credit card information and other personal identifiers. The email informs the recipient that a phone call requesting a one-time password was made […]