Headlines worldwide are now screaming the news of yet another widespread ransomware attack, this time targeting hospitals, health care systems, and other organizations in Europe, Asia and beyond. According to the reports, cybercriminals have once again crippled vital computer networks around the world. Much news attention will (and should) focus on who did it and […]

Attackers are currently sending personalized emails attempting to extort money from website owners across the net. The sender promises to commit a distributed denial of service(DDOS) attack, to the tune of 1Tbps, against the recipients website unless they make a one-time payment of .1 Bitcoins. The recipient is given six hours to comply. Given the current value of Bitcoin this translates […]

Users everywhere should beware of  what appears to be a very widespread phishing attack that was launched just today. Anyone who received an invite to a shared Google docs file today should handle it with kid gloves. Of course, we see phishing attacks happening constantly and ones targeting Google credentials are actually quite common. However, this attack […]

We posted earlier in the year about the uptick in email attacks relating to the impending US tax deadline. Throughout tax season, we have continued to monitor tax-themed attacks in the form of bulk-phishing, spearphishing, and malicious payloads. As the filing deadline quickly approaches, we are seeing a large volume tax related messages attempting to dupe […]