So you have a BlackBerry and have been enjoying all the joys of a smartphone, until recently. Suddenly you feel like your being attacked by repeat calls from the same random telemarketers, voting polls, surveys, and pushy auto warranty salespeople. Maybe you have started to long for your pre-smartphone days, or you have constantly been pushing the “End call” button to ignore these calls.

Did you ever think that spam could come in the form of phone call? At some point your number has been obtained by a company who is willing to play the numbers game with unsuspecting users. They want to make their next sales call to you, whether you want what they are selling or not. It is hard to determine how they obtained your number, but you are probably more worried about stopping the calls and getting back to work.

The best tool to combat this annoyance, in my opinion, can be found on BlackBerry App World. You should have an icon on your BlackBerry that says BlackBerry App World, and if you don’t you can go to the BlackBerry Browser and go to this address: Once you’ve entered the App World you will find there are lots of apps to download to your phone. The application you are looking for is call Mr. Number Call Block. I found this app to be an easy way to manage the problem of unsolicited calls. You can search for this from within App World by clicking the BlackBerry menu key on your device and selecting Search.

The management console of this app is very simple to use, you can manage the app from right on your phone. I have been using Mr. Number Call Block for the past 5 months, and I’ve passed this tip along to other Blackberry users I have encountered asking for help with this issue.

Until next time, have fun blacklisting the phone spammers.

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