In an ongoing malware campaign, the authors are using many different themes in order to push their malicious code on their victims. The most recent attempts included fake emails from ICANN and fake NDR messages as well as many others. This afternoon they have deviated from the false payment invoice technique where they were trying to make recipients believe that they were being charged for something they did not purchase thereby causing them to want to investigate it further. This time they used what appears to be an email flyer for In fact it looks like they just simply took one of these flyers and replaced every link with a single link that led to their malicious javascript. It also looks as though they’ve forged a portion of the email headers so that it appears to have’s domain key signatures. It seems as though most people may just delete this as junk mail, but it just may appeal to some people, and others might want to attempt to “unsubscribe” from this unwanted circular, and in these cases they will instantly transform from being a simple recipient of junk mail to being a victim with an infected computer. One way to have avoided this type of scam would be to hover over the links with your mouse to see where they actually led before clicking on them. You would be very quick to note that none of these led anywhere near an NBC website. Always avoid unsolicited emails.

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