If you didn’t already know Microsoft Exchange 2010 is going to be released soon. We at Appriver have been working on our Hosted Exchange 2010 offering since Beta 2 and things are looking great. I took some time the other day to step back and find customer facing features that are new with Exchange 2010 that I think are useful to our customers. I will post about many of them over the next couple of weeks.

Users that need to send from multiple mailboxes or groups have always been limited to desktop email applications such as Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft has now added the From field option to Outlook Web App (OWA) 2010. You can now send from any mailbox or group with your web browser.

To find and use the From field with OWA 2010 use the examples below.

Once you have opened a new message click the Options button and the Message Options window will open. Check the Show From check box and click OK.

Click the From button to chose another account to send from. After you have used one it will show in the list for faster use next time.

Pick one of the entries from the GAL (you must have Send As right of course) to populate the Send from area.

Draft your message and click send. The recipient will see the message as coming from the mailbox/address in the From field.

If you did not have Send As rights a red error will be displayed.

Appriver currently offers Exchange Hosting with Exchange 2007 only. We do not plan to offer a Hosted Exchange 2010 product for a couple months after RTM has been released.

– James Dean
Senior Exchange Engineer – Appriver, LLC

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