Thursday, July 23, 2009

Spammers Abusing Free File Storage

Once again spammers are blasting out a massive spam campaign that takes advantage of free file storage services. This time they are abusing, and Through the utilization of an automated account creation process, which possesses some captcha-breaking ability, spammers are hosting their spam images/links on these websites. The vast majority of these messages are using Using these in an email spam campaign allows the spammer to piggy-back on the good reputation of Yahoo and the like, thus avoiding blacklisting. The hosted image or link simply acts as a redirect to push traffic to their intended destination. To add insult to injury, many of these messages are being sent out via hotmail accounts that were assumedly created in the same manner as the hosted links. Through these means spammers can avoid the use of botnets for spam distribution. The availability and ease of abuse to these services continues to keep such “cloud based" spamming operations a viable enterprise.

Here are a few of the messages and the destinations of the URL's:

URL takes you here:

Example 2:

URL takes you here:


Anonymous said...

I like how you said "the good reputation of Yahoo"

barouh said...


Can you contact me at bo(dot) We at LiveJournal Inc. / SUP are interested in discussing some details about this spam attack